RRo…W,INSIAoT – Volume I: Incident, The Second

Continuing in the line of things "I’m not sure I approve of" we come across Incident, The Second – The Whoa-,-That’s-Inappropriate-For-A-Young-Lady Garb. 
Or, this photo:
Now, here we have Michelle looking very well put together.  I’d say "beautiful", but I’m not sure what the exact rules are for this instance of a husband commenting on the looks of a sister-in-law.  So, Michelle, clearly dressed in a very complimentary fashion is holding Claire.  Claire who, if I guess correctly, is dressed like a Spanish go-go dancer. 
I’m not sure why Spanish comes to mind.  Something in the design of the wrap. 
But, I do know for a fact that I would not let sixteen year old Claire out of the house dressed in such.  "No, child of mine, you may not leave the house in your underpants and a shoulder wrap.  No, I do not care what ‘bits’ are covered.  Ah! Room!  Clothes!  Now!" 
Again, in Claire’s benefit, I do notice that she appears to be saying to Michelle "I take this dress.  I’m naked.  And there are people here."  Clearly Claire has good sensible instincts.
Her mother.  Danielle, what *were* you thinking?  And Michelle, well, I thought you were so, well, sensible.

One thought on “RRo…W,INSIAoT – Volume I: Incident, The Second

  1. It wasn\’t my fault. She started out in a very pretty white and black dress with the matching shrug. And then we took her to High Tea where she dined delicately on scones and strawberries and finger sandwiches. It was all going quite well until Aunt Paula gave her a mouthful of this nasty raspberry gummy candy thing. She mashed it up quite well, and then promptly opened her mouth with a look of horror and allowed the whole globby purpley mess to spill out onto my shirt and down her dress. Michelle and I had to strip and sponge-bathe her in the restroom sink. The dress was not salvageable as it was covered in purple sticky goop. So she spent the rest of tea dressed as a Spanish Go-Go dancer.

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