In Other News…

Consider this a teaser. 
Remember that photo website where I’m archiving a culled selection of my photographs?  Yeah.  That one.  From way back then. 
And how you were all like, okay, but why would I want photos of your vacation or whatever?  You know, some of those scenic shots are pretty great wall art.  I’m just saying.  I bet I could charge, like, money or something, you know, to people who are into that sort of thing.  You know, people who appreciate art, or whatever.  Not like any of you lot.  But, it’s okay.  I’ve come to terms with why you’re here.  It is all about Claire.  I did call it The Life and Times Of Charlotte Claire Dass.  Not, TLaToCCD – As Recorded By The World Famous Billy Dass.  But, still, that’s how I read the title in my head.  I’m not ashamed of that.  Well.  Maybe a little.  Whatever.
So.  Continuing.
And how I promised a culled grouping of Claire photos?  Yeah.  That may go up later today.  Oh yeah.

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