RRo…W,INSIAoT – Volume I: Incident, The Third

This is the third and final issue of volume one in the finding of pictures on Danielle’s iPhone of which I do not approve.  This is Incident, The Third – Or the Beer Bottle Opener.
Of all the toys she could play with, we’re encouraging Bottle Opener?  I mean, where’s a good old fashion sock or a drink carrier from Wendy’s?  She’ll play with most anything you sent in font of her.  While it may be fun to now set up her with a closed bottle and a bottle opener and see where she goes from there, it is almost certain to end in disaster.  Disaster I tell you.  Disaster!  Ooooooo.

2 thoughts on “RRo…W,INSIAoT – Volume I: Incident, The Third

  1. Yeah. Well. She\’s part Bullard. Who am I to stifle her inner loud bossy boozy mess???

  2. She looks like she just got caught. And so the excuses begin…"Well where did you find this? It\’s definitely not mine. Are you sure it\’s not yours?""I was just holding it for a friend.""Wait–this is a bottle opener?? I thought it was just a shiny new toy. Wow. I am in shock. Complete shock.""Mom, I swear my friends just came over for some juice. It\’s a new type of juice that is in bottles… that can\’t be opened by hand….. We needed the bottle opener to open them. Why can\’t you trust me?!"You better start keeping an eye out for bottle caps.

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