The Big Point Eight Three Repeating

I can hardly believe it’s been ten months since Claire was born.  I confess that of late I’ve been more focused on the idea of her quickly approaching birthday.  Words fail me.  So, let’s talk about something personal.
Father’s Day is this weekend.  I admit I’m conflicted on whether or not I should wear underwear.  I mean, on the one hand it’s a big day in my adult life.  On the other hand, it’s supposed to be a holiday, or something, right?  And, who dresses for holiday?  I’m leaning toward the idea that the day is intrinsically an affirmation of my role as the caregiver for a human life.  So, good news for everyone.  I’ve just resolved that Sunday shall be an underwear day.  Pretty responsible if I do say so myself.
My baby tried to feed my toes the cardboard box that Nerds used to be in.  She’s still learning about food.  Isn’t she just the most adorable baby ever?
Later I found out she was just trying to papercut my toes for not jumping out of the chair to satisfy her need for wanton hurling about.  My respect for her remained undiminished.

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