All The Better To Eat You With

It was an inevitable title.  It’s a blog about a baby for goodness sake.  What did you expect?  I make no apologies.  But, I have thoughtfully included a few introductory sentences to make you aware of my distaste, my inner struggle, with using the title.
Danielle is always yelling at me for posting unflattering pictures of her on the blog.  In some cases, this is fair.  But, those are all with purpose and so the penalty box, such as the shed is, is well worth it.  I’m growing to love that shed.  I’ve named some of the spiders, you know.  Moving along.  In other cases, I think she’s being cute.  So, there.  Still, the threat of penalty box is well worth it. 
Here, to even the score, is a picture of me looking like a complete maniac while Claire looks, shall we say, less than intruiged with her surroundings.
Apparently, I look like a maniac when I’m playing with the baby.  I’m probably just emotionally unstable after realizing that our hair patterns make a complete set.  Your hair is mine!  Cackle, cough, cackle, laugh, cough cough cough.
The truth revealed to me in this photo, however, is that my baby is one tough kid.  I look like I just axed down a door Stephen King style and all my baby has to say about it is "Oh, daddy.  You’re so boring."  That’s one cool customer.  Pretty much since day four of her life our game has been I startle her and she laughs hysterically.  The point of this rambling is that I think I have inadvertantly ruined my effectiveness over the Princess of the Galaxy.  If this is how she responds to axe murderer dad, how will she respond to stern, loving, but slightly disasppointed dad?
I’m afraid I may have to write discipline off for this child.  And, yes, that is my way of justifying any future time I may indulge the Princess’s every whim.
Seriously though, do I always look that crazy?  I wouldn’t even give me change in the street. 

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