Zombies. Magnets. Jedi Rabits. Go On.

I’m still working through all the pictures from the trip in order to break them down into appropriate posts.  However, in the meantime please enjoy these fun photos of things encountered during our Destin repose.
Some of these will be familiar to those who opted to peek in at WBDass on the Twitter.  For those who didn’t: You are not forgetten.
I can’t wait till Claire gets old enough to play at one of these places.  I totally intend to use her like a special pass to get free license to act like a complete maniac on one of those bouncy trampoline harness thingies.  There was a young child strapped into one as we walked by; I believe a victim of his own father’s vicarious living.  I’ve never seen more dejected bouncing on a trampoline.
Magnets for sale in a bookstore.  My President isn’t afraid to punch a zombie in the face.  What’s your President willing to do?  Truth be told, it’s pretty well known canon that zombie punching is a good way to get bit and turned into a zombie.  I’m not sure if this is change I can believe in.
I worry about zombies, too, Zombie Pal.  Wait, No, Augh!
Jedi Rabbit.  Need I say more?
Yes.  This was our day in Destin.  It was most fun.

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