Nobody Be Alarmed

ALARM!  Sorry, I’ve been having that go off all day.  Danielle has strep.  Claire has strep.  I’m huddled in the corner trying to remember if it’s a head shot or a silver bullet that kills the walking strep.
So, Danielle was unable to move all day yesterday.  And today. And probably tomorrow.  Claire puked a bunch and slept in it last night for awhile.  So, after a late night bath and some more throw up I finally got to bed at around four thirty.  Claire puked her morning bottle up and we went to the pediatrician.  Positive for strep.  Awesome. 
Somebody pity me.  It’s not fair that my ninjatastic immune system has left me the last standing care provider. 
Pictures from our trip are suspended until I feel less sorry for myself, or the family gets better.  Whichever comes first.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Be Alarmed

  1. aw! poor billy and crew!!! tell your ladies i hope that they feel better!!! love and miss you all!!

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