A Trip In The Not So Way Back Machine

Never fear my greedy preciouses, I have not forgotten you.  Yes, I have been absent.  But, I’ve been using my blog time to do something seekrit.  Also, I was sick for a couple days.  And not with strep.  Talk about surviving the war to get hit by a taxi.
The trip to Panama City left me with a number of postable pictures.  So, let’s work backwards in time.  Danielle’s mom had a birthday while we were there.  Here’s a couple from that day:
For those of you who have followed the twitter, you’ll recognize that first photo.  Claire has strong feelings about hats.  What do you think they are?
While Danielle’s mom was opening presents, Claire got pretty upset that she wasn’t the center of attention and decided to do really cute things like play in boxes or in glass bowls until everyone noticed her.  Just like the cat, when we did notice her she stopped and looked pointedly off in the middle distance of the opposite direction.  Baby princesses.
Danielle and I took some photos out on the dock of Claire and Danielle’s mom so she could have some nice personalized photos for her to display.  I posted here two that I like.  But, there are more.  You just don’t get to see them unless you go and visit Danielle’s mom and her pictures.  Yeah. 
I think that’s enough.  We’ll wrap up the photos from Panama City tomorrow, so tune back in.  Same time, same channel.  Do not adjust your screen.  I have taken control.

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