Claire, Ridiculous? Never.

So, here’s some of Claire’s more fun (read, difficult) moments during the trip.
In that first one, there was a rather contrary young girl at the table behind us.  Who was occassionally loud about her disatisfaction with life.  And Claire took offense to that.  So, in the middle of one of her outbursts Claire turned around and gave one of her primal rage shouts.  There is some debate about whether or not it was in support of the Sisterhood Of Disaffected Infants, or in anger that the Disaffected Infants Liberation Front and encroached on her own Liberation Front for the Disaffected Infants.  It’s very hard to tell with infants.
At Hunts, where you Twitter followers will recall my baby pinched a stranger’s butt, Claire was pretty upset that she had to eat whatever she was being fed that wasn’t delicious baked oysters.  Claire, you can’t have seafood yet.  I don’t care!  You will give it to me!  And who is this strange lady?  I will attack her butt with Grabby Hands!  Which is basically why babies are a joy in divey restaurants where the tables are very nearly stacked on top of one another.
Also, Danielle’s mom went to great lengths to expand Claire’s pallet while she was there.  And so you see the leftovers of the Incident What Where Baby Devours Popsicle Every One Stay Back.  Which was followed shortly by the Incident What Where The Mickey Coaster Gets It If I Don’t Get Another Popsicle Right…Who Is That I’ll Attack Them With Grabby Hands!
And then, of course, one of Claire playing in the pool with Danielle.  She’s really starting to get the idea that the pool isn’t the place where babies go to be drowned by their parents.  The first time she was really very certain she was receiving the death penalty, and so acted accordingly.  That day she figured out that Grabby Attack Hands could also be Super Splashy Hands.  Yay.
Basically, the trip was one joyful, truly, exercise in loving the Loud Noise Need Machine we brought into this world.

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