Mister Tallyman

Tomorrow, the entire Dass family is off on a seekrit mishun for the weekend.  Regularly scheduled posts will resume Monday evening.  A recounting of our seekrit mishun will also be included.
For those of you so inclined, I will likely post pictures of the baby on the Twitter.  In the interim, you may ponder my latest idea for a book:
Your Baby Is A Terrorist: An American Parenting Book
"Never give up.  Never surrender.  Never negotiate.  A preemptive strike makes for a Just War.  Sanctions accomplish nothing.  Attack.  Attack.  Attack!"
Sneak attack.  Clever girl.

One thought on “Mister Tallyman

  1. seriously i LOVE these pictures!!! i literally laughed like a maniac. Its a good thing that no one was in the office because people probably would have wondered about me!!! i hope you guys had fun on your "seekrit mishun"

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