Seekrit Mishun Decoded

Well, the Seekrit Mishun was a surprise visit to my grandparents in Fishkill, New York.  In fact, the whole Dass side of the family was there (minus one very busy cousin).  I’ve got some great pictures to put up.  Not to mention the fact that it was Claire’s first road trip.  Our first family road trip.  And, I’d say it was a smashing success.  My family enjoyed seeing Claire again, or meeting her for the first time.  And Claire performed like a road travel veteran.
However, at the moment I am experiencing some technical difficulties. 
To which all I will say is that I have now lived through two Seagate 1.5T 7200rpm external hard drives.  I don’t think it’s Seagate, I think it’s specifically this model that is defective.  Should you be considering the purchase of such an external hard drive, I would recomend avoiding this model.
So, working strictly off my laptop with all those photos taxes its memory and makes things move very slowly.  I know.  Whatever.  Let’s leave it at, you will have to wait another day for all those photographs.  But, for now, here is one of the family.  It only looks like everyone is eagerly watching Diana give some sort of presentation.  Although, I’m sure if she had we would have all been completely involved in it.
Alright, plus a quick bonus picture.  Because it’s Big Boy.  How flippin’ cool is that?  This thing was in the upstairs of a rest stop in Maryland.  I think there were literally a thousand people at this place and no one, not one single other person, came upstairs to see the glory that is a man sized statue of Big Boy.  Road Trip Glory!

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