Road Warriors

Pictures from the first day of travel.  In preparation for her trip to visit the Dass side of the family, Claire adopted her I’m-A-Serious-Person-Who-Only-Smiles-Grimly face.  It’s a well known Dass family trait.  Sorry kiddo.  In truth, what you can’t see are her spending a gleeful twenty minutes trying to bite her stuffed Pooh to death.  Or, scarfing down a whole cup of yogurt at a rest area in between bouts of running around the place like a complete maniac.  Or, playing with my mother in the back seat of their car for a good portion of the trip.  Or, making a fuss at dinner until Danielle broke out her avocado and not any of that puff crap.  Fine dining, woman!  Give me my avocado!

In fact, the smiling baby picture was when she was trying to shut me in the door.  Or, alternatively her own head.  Hey, when you’re a baby, these things are all new.  How are you supposed to find out if shutting your head in a waaaay cool door is fun or not?  Claire is taking a decidedly dangerous approach to I’ll try anything once.

I confess I spent the run up to the trip terrified of how baby would do on the car ride.  I lived in fear, lying awake in my bed at night, running through the awaiting agony of a six hour car ride with an angry Claire.  And, boy howdy was I wrong.  She was a champ.  She loved the car ride.  Napped like a Princess, sans pea.  And played with my mother.  Then, we got to the hotel.  She explored.  We went to dinner.  I took Claire for a jog around the building, because she wanted to explore that as well.  And, we went back to the hotel.  Where she passed out and slept the night.

Way cool.  I’m even thinking of trying it out again. 

Pictures from the family get together tomorrow.

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