Family Kapow Wow

Obviously, my family quite enjoyed their time with Claire.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  She’s cute.  Sweet.  Very amiable for a baby.  So easy to get along with.  I mean, assuming you’re okay with the not infrequent games of shouty shouty.  And, Claire enjoyed seeing them.  It was obvious.  She was a little shy at first.  All these people.  New people even.  Very scary.  The neat part of that for me was that she held onto me for security.  Which was a real wahoo moment for me.  She hadn’t done that before.  One other time she had a nightmare and Danielle needed my help to console her.  But, Claire has been very much mom’s girl.  So, very exciting times.
Otherwise, if you ask Claire, the next way coolest thing ever was the step down into the living room.  It ran the length of that side of the room.  And Claire made me hold her hands while she walked up.  Then down.  Then up.  Then down.  Back and forth along the entire length of the room for a good twenty minutes.  Four gagillion dollars in baby toys.  What does she want to do?  Go up and down a single stair a thousand times.  I, of course, was all for it.  Look how good she slept afterwards.
Not shown in photographs (because a certain someone failed to document it photographically): my aunt Linda (in the second to last picture) crawling around on the floor with Claire teaching her to crawl like a baby and not like Baby Gollum.  Next time.
Oh.  And if you talk to Danielle, tell her congratulations on being promoted to AP Coordinator at her school.  Her Principle called us while we were in the car driving up to New York.  When we broke the news to my parents and grandparents at dinner that first night, I think everyone thought we were announcing another baby.  Which was funny, sort of, and generally terrifying to everyone involved.

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