And So It Begins

Over the course of the next six days, I’m going to post some pictures of Claire from the last year.  A selection of pictures from each month at which I have looked back and relished the memory.  They tell me that one day your kid is a baby, the next she’s going to school, the next she’s driving a car and the next thing you know she’s a Supreme Court Justice for the United States.  I imagine law school or something in between. 
In order to avoid this, I try and spend a little time at the end of each month reflecting on the past exploits of my daughter.  That, for me, has been the purpose of The Big [Number] posts.  It helps me appreciate the good in my life.  Even the joy in the struggle of life.  I’m thinking at this moment of how happy I am that my wife and child are both well and sleeping soundly.  As opposed to, say, sick simultaneously with Teh Evil Strep.  And, sister, this is beautiful.
But, enough pseudo philosophy from me.  Here’s one last happy photo from our trip up north.
My first thought: my, kids are raiding their dad’s wallet young these days.  My second: ah, young padawan, you’ll have to learn to do that while my back is turned.  My third: Way to go for the credit card kiddo.  Claire’s comment was: This wallet seems mighty thin, dad.  My response: Burn! Heh heh.  Hey, wait a minute! 
But, then she smiled and I forgot.  I’m not even mad.  Fair play, quality burn.  Plus three on your Wit.  That’s my child.  I couldn’t be more proud of her first attempt at petty theft.  We’re going to have to watch this one.  Oh yes.

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