A Look Back – Part The Second

Claire’s first Halloween was a trip.  A maniacal trip designed to take advantage of Claire’s docile state.  Sure, we treated her like a Barbie Doll.  Sure, we knew that this was probably the only Halloween we’d get to be in charge of her costume.  And, sure, we took some flak for not dressing her like a bumblebee or a daisy or some such boring old thing.  No.  We dressed Claire like a velociraptor and it was flippin’ awesome.  Pictures or it didn’t happen?  You saw ’em.  And, for the most part it was great heaping helpings of fun, with an extra scoop of fun, please.  Except for when it wasn’t.  Man, that costume was hot.  And then the camera (Danielle) wasn’t working properly.  And then the photo opportunity started to drag out.  And, well, pretty much everyone got annoyed.  It’s one of the first family annoyance moments that we got to share as our own nuclear family.  And, you know, that’s a huge part of making a family.  So, I’m counting that as a merit badge.
There were a lot of great pictures to choose from in November.  Claire was wearing my knit cap for awhile, getting her gangster on.  That was a moment made of awesome, particularly when she started flashing some gang signs.  But, the picture of my Grandmother, Claire’s Great Grandmother, giving Claire a bottle is one of my favorite moments.  Period.  Not just in the past year.  And that had to feature prominently in this anthological mix I’m playing at here.  
This moment is ‘family’.

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