A Look Back – Part The Third

Christmas was a hard month to wittle down to one photograph.  I don’t want to cheat because that would defeat the purpose of the exercise.  The picture, from that month, of Danielle and the baby on the balcony of our apartment with snow falling in the background is one of my favorite pictures of them.  Plus the same shot with us as a family.  But, I’ve touched a bit already on how much those nuclear family defining moments mean to me.  The picture that I chose helps me remember just how much of a personality she already has.  The picture is of Claire’s first Christmas morning sitting on a pile of Santa Loot.  If you look closely, you can see her smirking as she toys with her keys.  Smirking!  My baby.  She is completely aware that she holds the keys to the Universe.  Her reaction to feeling giddy with power?  A sly smirk.  Oh yes, I love this child.
There have been more than enough difficult moments in this last year.  Having a baby is hard.  It’s a complete lifestyle adjustment.  Nothing is the same.  More than that, you’re aware that I’ve been struggling with unemployment.  Money has been tight.  It’s been stressful on our relationship.  I guess what I’m saying is that in some ways, this has been the Year of the Pressure Cooker.  But, just look at that face.  Is that not sublime happiness?  She really makes that struggle worthwhile, you know?  And, it isn’t just a reflection on the joy that (your) babies bring.  She’s been such a happy baby.  She sleeps when she’s tired.  Eats when she’s hungry.  And really only cries when she has nightmares.  Which are relatively few.  Basically, she’s the perfect baby.  Which, you know, is totally rad.

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