A Look Back – Part The Fifth

While Danielle was pregnant there was much talk of with what would a baby play?  Do we have this toy?  This one?  That one?  Oh No!  What we’ve learned over the last year is that babies will play with anything.  Typically, the cheaper it is the more valuable it is to the baby.  So, yes, that is a picture of Claire playing with one of my socks.  She appropriated it for herself and proceeded to run wild across the house waving it about like a magically endowed Object of Power.  It’s also a great lesson in why it’s important to keep a strictly policed house that is sheltering a baby.  You know, Claire learned very quickly that if she moved to touch something not allowed, like a television, we would equally quickly react.  She frequently posits, Are my parents paying enough attention to me?  This leads to making her way over to the television of holding her hand out as if to grab it.  At which point she pauses dramatically to make sure we’re watching.  Only when we have made eye contact will she attempt to grab at it.  We actually tested that idea out once.  We both pretended not to make eye contact with her and she eventually gave up, without actually touching the television, and moved to acquire a more attention getting target.  This baby is devious.  Devious.  How cool is that?  She’s a tiny calculating super villain.
And, that leads nicely to the next picture.  Claire is always going forward into the unknown.  Now, I suppose that’s fairly normal for a baby.  At that point in their lives everything is more or less an unknown.  But, Claire, she isn’t afraid.  Always with her is a fierce curiousity.  She explores and gets into trouble wherever possible.  This is something I wouldn’t have known about babies until I was raising one.  I’m aware that they are notorious for exploring.  But, it boggles my mind that at ten months she is capable of learning a skill, identifying a way to leverage for even more attention and carefully putting her plan into action.  I have hopes that she will grow to be a neurosurgeon.  Or, perhaps a ninja master ever travelling the road to help those in need with her amazing talents for deduction and planning.  My baby actually is the cleverest baby of them all.  Oh yes.  Just so.

2 thoughts on “A Look Back – Part The Fifth

  1. "Typically, the cheaper it is the more valuable it is to the baby." I could not agree more. Lauren\’s favorite toys are plastic bowls/utensils from the kitchen. Or towels. Anything that creates a perfect peek-a-boo cover. She is also a huge fan of toilet paper, but only if she has recently slobbered on her hands. And the $40 toys sit in the corner. Sometimes she pulls those out to stand on to get a better view of her baby kingdom.

  2. One of Claire\’s favorites is a recycled cardboard drink carrier like they give out at Wendy\’s. The only expensive baby toys that she likes are like the real plush stuffed animals. She has a Winnie the pooh that\’s made of that real soft fringy fur. But, that isn\’t a toy so much as knockout gas.

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