The Big One Point Oh – Charlotte Claire Dass

I’ve talked about many things over the last year.  After looking back at the blog and the pictures over the last week, it’s amazing how quickly time has gone.  My sense of it, now in the moment, is that the year went like a camera flash.  But, it’s easy to see from what I’ve written and the photos I’ve taken that, on the contrary, all the days occurred in their proper order and time.  I suppose, in a way, that’s a bit of a relief.  It makes it easier to carry the burden of future trying times.  These too in their course will finish one minute after the next.
When I think about having a daughter my thoughts are invariably categorized as What Do/Can/Should/Shall I Teach Her?  But, I can see now that the relationship will clearly be both ways.  Mind, I’m not eschewing the role of a parent as a guide.  Rather, I’m embracing the idea that part of the role of a guide is to learn.  And Claire has taught me a great deal.  Much of which I’ve recalled over the look back.  My wife and I will be better for having the duty of caring for Claire.  Claire, of course, will be better simply because we allowed for her existence.  A fact of which I relish the opportunity to cheekily remind her when she steps out of line.
I’m glad I broke up the recollection like I did.  Trying to process the year in one full block is too difficult.  Time feels like it passed in a flash.  And, looking back at the whole is like looking directly at a flashbulb.  You: What do you think of your first year as a parent?  Me: Well, I see spots.  You: I see. [makes a note] Me: I see floaty green globules glomming onto silvery waving lines?  You: I…see. [takes a step back]
So, what can I say?  One year has been a blast.  Literally and figuratively.  Contradictory, I know.  Okay, more like Figuratively literally and figuratively.  There was not literally an explosion.  [REDACTED – BODILY FUNCTION JOKE]
What to say?  Simple.  Happy Birthday, Claire.  Life has so much more to offer than bowl movements and screaming.  Though, at certain ages these will be accomplishments, theraputic and life affirming.  To the quick: Explore.  Observe.  Learn.  Live a full life. 
In time, as Princess of the Galaxy, follow this with: Lead.  Inspire.  Build.  A Death Star, that is.  Without one of those fighter sized holes to the core.  Learn from the failures of the past.  And remember, never underestimate the power of the force.  But, sometimes, technology is alright. 
Wait, I think that’s Star Wars.  Who put peyote in the birthday cake?  Not Funny.  Tee hee.

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