The Dread Pirate Claire

Claire’s little party went quite well today.  I enjoyed the pirate theme.  However, I lost all sense of camera discipline and now have to sort through about 360 photographs to find the few that I’d like to share.  I do tend to try and avoid: "Here’s Claire opening a present.  Here she is with the same present.  Here she is again, but look she’s looking at the present.  Here she is taking a break from that present.  Oh, back to the present."  And so forth. 
But, it is my prerogative as a parent to take them.
However, this is worth a rush posting.  Don’t let this validate your notion of being ‘special’.  Alright, it’s because you’re special.  Yes you.
Danielle made that.  Like, herself.  Personally.  I grudgingly yield the Best Parent award.  The Dread Pirate Claire!  Yaaar!
If you haven’t wished the baby a Happy Birthday, here’s your chance to get your name of the assassination list: Congratulate Danielle on her confectionary accomplishment.

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