Bio Dome – Get It?

She’s a smart one, that, er, one.  Claire, that is.  Me, less so.  The other day, we’re having lunch, Claire and I.  I’m chowing down and she’s chowing down.  Everything is copasetic.  Then, I look over and, well, here’s a photo.
Oh my God, she’s tearing down the house in protest of my substandard care!  No, not really.  It was more like, "So, Dad.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of peekaboo in my head for awhile now.  And, well, I’ve come up with a totally radical variation.  Check it."  Yes.  My daughter instigated a game of peekaboo, with the curtains, to show off her intellect.  She’s planner, that one.  Clever girl.
She still lets me say "BOO!" though.  Which, I thought was pretty generous of her.  I mean, I don’t want to call it before the race is done, but she’s a self sufficient one.  And, it was really nice to be included in play time.  Although, when she makes say "Oh Cla-aire, where are you?" when she’s hidden behind the curtain, I’m pretty sure it’s to mock me.  She knows I know where she is.  I think she’s establishing her superiority.  How flipping crafty is my child?  Oh yeah.
P.S. – I know the photos are blurry.  But, she yells at me when I use my phone.  So, I had to be fast.

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