Uncle Joey

So, my parents got Claire a playpen for her birthday.  To test it out, we set it up last weekend to see how she would take it.  Now, I should say that I was opposed to such harsh human testing.  I mean, outdoors.  Where everybody is having fun but her?  How terrible!
Before we stuck her in the jail, I mean play pen, I mean cage, wait, play pen was right, she took a turn in the water.  And, to be honest, she kind of complained about it.  So, we moved up the testing time since she wanted to be on her own.  And then everyone stared at her from the pool.  I’ve seen some mean things in my day.  But, you people.  You people.  Shame.
In truth, she was pretty stoked about the pool after her brief incarceration.  So, look at that.  Proof that playpens, I mean jails, do rehabilitate.
I’m going to stop before the fifty or sixty other prison jokes I’ve lined up in my head since last night start pouring out.

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