The One With The Box And The Picture

My parents have a storage shed.  They also have a storage shed in the garage.  The garage contains a number of unopened boxes from what I believe was their move from Albuquerque to Raleigh.  Possibly from Raleigh to Panama City.  These boxes have been transferred from one garage to the next.  It was relatively late in life that the realization that garages are customarily used to shield cars from the elements dawned on me.
When we went over the other weekend, we arrived to find my parents working through the garage to get at some of those old boxes.  Among the ones that they pulled out was this walker, in its original packaging, from what I can only assume was 1982. 
Is it just me, or does the picture on the walker look a whole lot like Claire?  The baby’s hair is a little longer.  But, wow.  Or, are you still getting over the fact that there is a 28 year old, in the original packaging, walker next to Claire?  The thought that this inspires most strongly in me: I am so not ready to be a grand parent.  For at least another 28 years.
How cool does Claire look?  "So, like, is this for me?  Or, what?"  That’s totally a Dass receiving a present look.  "What an amazing box!  Mind.  Blown."

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