Like, Another Picture I Like

Look.  It’s my family.
Now, that’s it for now on the flash back pictures.  If you want to see the rest of the photoshoot, find your way over to the shutterfly site.  The link is in the Guestbook.  And take a look at that bragbook while you’re there.  I like that phrase.  Bragbook.  I’ve got a family for which to make a bragbook on so to make with the bragging.  Dude.  I’m getting old and adulty.

2 thoughts on “Like, Another Picture I Like

  1. Hi Billy, This site seems much friendlier to posting comments. Congrats on finding it and setting this up. I love to see the photos of Claire (you and Danielle too!). And it will be fun if we can see you all in person when we come down to the “Rally for Sanity” in W. DC on 10/30.

  2. I’m glad it’s friendlier. I’m actually rather thrilled Hotmail switched management over to WordPress. These folks have a great reputation, and so far live up to it, for user friendly interaction. I’ve requested off for that day so that we might attend as well. We will see if the Barnes and Noble gods favor me. Otherwise, I’m certain we can find a time to meet up.

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