Bwoh Bwoh Bwoh

That’s my little noise machine.  Giving me the evil eye for taking a picture of her making noise.  What?  I’m a dad.  That’s, like, my job.  Seriously.
She finally figured out how to make the Bwoh bwoh bwoh noise.  You know, with your hand?  Smacking your mouth as you shout?  I don’t want to say Indian Battle Cry, because that would be offensive?  Right?  I don’t know what the rules are about describing that sound.  Actually, that prevented me from writing about it for at least a month. 
Which is a shame.  Because, for the longest time Claire thought that you accomplish that noise by banging your ears while shouting.  Try it.  It sounds the same.  No.  That doesn’t make her dumb.  Just, um, creative.  Yeah.  Claire was super creative with that for, what, a few months.  That’s not a big deal, right? 
My child is a genius.  There will be no questions.

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