It’s been a busy two weeks.  Between my occassional consulting job and renewing my professional relationship with the kind folks at Barnes and Noble (Reston Chapter What!) things have been a bit hectic.  Oh, right.  I hadn’t mentioned that.  Yup.  I’m back at Barnes and Noble.  It’s part of a newly crafted seven year plan to the top.  I call it: My 7 Year Plan To The Top! – A Plan For Success.  It’s just the first step of 47 steps leading to a position as the assistant to the assistant regional manager of Witchita’s number one legal firm.  Wait, that’s assistant to the assistant to the regional manager.  Sorry.  Ha!  There I go with my delusions of grandeur.
Anyroad, as I settle down into the new routine, the blog will be regularly updated.  So, without further much ado about nothing, I give you Claire marveling at her spoon.  Yup.  She’s a tool user.  And, spoons can do anything
Apropos of nothing, I’m considering a legal name change to Dwight Schrute.

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