The Big One Point One Six Repeating

The first thing I do when I get home these days is let Claire take me for a walk around the house.  And, by that, I mean I let Claire use me for balance as she wanders aimlessly around the house.  We’ll go check her room to make sure it’s still there.  Then, to the picture window to make sure that’s there.

Later, she’ll check the sliding door if I’m reading on the deck to make sure I’m still there.  It’s surprisingly like the scene in Wayne’s World where he’s banging on the window of the church.

The point is: Baby’s make you dance.  Point and case –

Claire figured out awhile back that if you push the blue star, it makes everyone in the room dance.  What was originally a game Danielle and I played has turned into a Law.  As you can see, if The Princess of The Galaxy pushes the blue star and nobody dances THERE WILL BE ACCOUNTING!

So, friends, my advice, for those of you considering children, as Claire enters her fifteenth month on this planet is: Be careful of the games you start.  There Will Be Laws.  Daniel Day-Lewis and my own personal experience taught me that.

I really gotta kick this Daniel Day-Lewis thing.

2 thoughts on “The Big One Point One Six Repeating

  1. You are so lucky that photo is too small and too blurry to clearly see my retarded facial expression. You can “this close” to being banned from the house, Mr. Dass. 😛

  2. I rather like the shed. I’ll have you know that. And I may or may not possess a clearer representation of reflecting your thrill in awkward dance to a child’s whims. BE WARNED.

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