Everybody’s Doing The Locomotion

Claire has been steadily working toward walking on her own.  She’s pretty close.  Tonight, she discovered that if she pushed her Elmo truck around she could walk on her own.  This provided nearly half an hour of entertainment for us.

She kept trying to drive the truck around the kitchen table.  Apparently left turns are just really complicated.  What happened most often was that a straight away shot would dead end.  I mean, we’re in a house.  You know?  There’s only so many paces one can walk in any direction unobstructed.  This infuriated the Princess of the Galaxy.  Thank god she can’t shoot fireballs from her eyes.  The ensuing conflagration would have been difficult to handle.

Although, she was kind of cute.  First she would scream her rage.  And then, she would look at one of us very demurely as if to draw our attention to the defect in the truck.  Naturally, it wasn’t her driving.  Anyroad, tonight was a fun a night playing with the baby.

There will be no discussion of Florida football.

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