Oh, Right

So, I completely forgot you folks didn’t get to see Claire’s Halloween costume this year.  She was dressed as Pooh’s Honey Pot.  I mean, the kid digs her Pooh Bear.  And, she’s like a sweet baby.  Sort of.  Cute though.  Adorable even.

Next year, I’m planning on Pirate Princess.  And, hopefully, in the next ten months or so I can teach her to say “Arghh, me matey.”  That.  Would.  Be.  Awesome.

Obligatory Thankful Post

I met someone yesterday who was fired from their job.  Laid off.  Really.  Which, I suppose makes a difference emotionally if not financially.  This person confessed they didn’t know how to talk about it with their family because, well.  How could they understand?  I suppose the anonymity of a random encounter allowed them to confess this.  I shared some of my own trials with employment.  I’ve no idea how helpful this was.  But, for me, it has been helpful to know that, well, just because everyone can’t really understand doesn’t mean you’re alone.  Sometimes, you play your cards right and still lose.

Thanksgiving is a food related holiday.  And, that’s alright.  In truth we should more regularly take time out of days to remind ourselves that while we have our own burdens, and everyone does, we do have much in our lives that others wouldn’t take for granted.

I’m thankful that I have been so fortunate to live a life charmed with love and support.  I’ve spent eleven years with my wife.  I’m blessed to have been so fortunate to find someone who would not only tolerate me but be my partner.  Partner in everything, crass behavior and coarse humor included.  This has the added bonus of having produced my daughter.  Also crass in behavior and coarse in humor.

While I am always pointedly aware of seemingly wicked problems in my life, I still eat everyday.  The exception being only when I’m absent minded enough to have forgotten to do so.  I have a wonderful house.  A loving and loved wife.  And a beautiful daughter.  All in, I’m happy with what I have.  As I should be. 

A life spent concerned with the things that you don’t have is a life spent on an impossible end.  I’m very aware that Visa and The Bank don’t accept fortune cookie one liners as payment.  But, it does help with your perspective on the challenges in your life.  And, surely, this is at least the first three steps to solving a problem.

The other day, a woman commented, upon noticing my wedding band, that it was nice to see a young man married.  The advice she gave was to always pick your battles.  I told her first that I wasn’t quite so young as I imagined she thought.  However, I did also say that in ten years I have learned exactly that fact.  The trick, I remarked, was in the difference between knowing that and living that. 

I’m thankful for the next ten years with which I may work on living that.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Soooo.  Where is the food?  The magic word?  Right.  Thanks!  Now, where’s my treat?

Waw Waw Wawwww!

Hey!  I was told that if I took a week off somebody would maintain the blog for me. 

Funny thing about that is I’m fairly sure now that the conversation I’m recollecting was one I had with myself.  That’s what happens when you tell too many jokes in the third person.  What doesn’t happen is laughter.  I mean, what Billy’s fascination with jokes in the third person anyway?  That guy.  What a trip.

It’s been a busy week.  Also, good news was had.  I’m accepting a job offer with a defense contractor.  So, huzzah!  Still, in the interim, I’ve been busy with the book selling.  Just ask me why you should buy a Nook Color.  Go on.

Anyroad.  Posts resume tomorrow.  So, be on the lookout.

[Insert Teapot Song Reference]

If you’re a baby and you have to run, gleefully screaming, from your father to encourage him to chase, what do you do with your pacifier?  Why, you hide it in Mrs. Potts, of course.  And, naturally, when you’re done being chased, what do you do?  You, of course, remove the pacifier from Mrs. Potts, self apply, and smile at your father until he picks you up.

What do we call this?  Just Friday Night in the Dass household.  Because the Princess dominates all attention.  And she got her game ideas from, I believe, watching us interact with the dogs.  Make of that what you will.

Why Did No One Tell Me Of This Magic Box!

I don’t get to see Claire on days that I close down the bookstore.  It’s moments like these that make me feel like a Magician, imparting the wonderful secrets of the world to my daughter.  And it feels good.