The Collector

Kids are collectors.  You learn that when they’re around all the time.  They have a strange habit of grabbing random objects and taking them to new places to store like a dog might hide a bone.  Only, everything is a bone.

As you can see, Claire recently discovered that her fire truck has the ability to store items covertly.  And, she has begun to act covertly to acquire objects.  Note the instructions for the crock pot.  Nevermind whether or not this caused an argument two nights before about who lost the instructions to the crock pot.  What is relevant is that this is the first of Claire’s diabolical machinations. 

And second most recent machination has been to consistently hide the remote control before she goes to bed so that when I get home I have no idea how to make the news show happen.

And of course there was the mini-quest, complete with mid-level boss, for my car keys this morning.

I used to play a game in stores where I would pick an item from one station, carry it for a bit, and then trade it for a new item at another station and repeat indefinitely.  Karma is real.

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