Baby Eats An Oreo

I find this sort of thing to be hilarious.  One night we let Claire have an Oreo cookie.  One of those orange ones that they roll out in honor of Halloween.  You always have this image in your head that babies are little maniacs.  You know, acting crazy and constantly burning a never ending supply of energy until they crash and burn.  Only to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes of their impromptu nap location.

This is largely true.  But, what you don’t expect is the fine deliberation that can accompany certain exercises.  This is the same baby that I’ve watched many times smash the begeesus out of a toy.  It blows my mind.

As you can see, we had assumed that an orea would be a pre-bath time non-shirt endeavor.  Apparently, no parental instruction was necessary on how to eat an Orea.  Seriously.  She took it apart and ate it like you might handle a fine piece of pottery.  That’s a thing adults do, right?

Also.  Yes.  That is an AC/DC baby t-shirt.  I suspect the designers of said t-shirt have no idea of any of the history of the band or the implication of the name.  Because, who would make that for a baby?  But, for our baby, yes.  Yes.  She’s rocking the AC/DC shirt.  Deal.

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