Little Gifts

In some senses, babies are not unlike animals.  Family pets.  This probably provides more insight into my appreciation for pets than it does my understanding of the wiles of babies.  That said, I’ll carry on.

Claire recently left me a present in one of my shoes.  I wasn’t around and she was thinking of me!  Yay.  And the thought must have been something like, “You know, this toy is really fun.  Vroom.  You know who would completely love this toy?  Dad.  I’ll leave it where he can find it.”  And, so, she sought out my shoe and left me a toy.  Pretty cool.

Conversely, it could have been “You know who should be here playing with me?  Dad.  I’ll show that guy just how much fun he could be having by leaving a toy for him to step on on.  Mwhahaha.”  And, you know, either way, I’m really proud.  I’d like to think it was the former, but given how frequently she’s been laughing like Muttley, I imagine it was the dastardly latter option.  And I’m still one proud papa.  Hehhehheh.

I’m reminded of a time many years ago when Istas was still a puppy.  We were visiting Danielle’s family and Istas secured a freshly decapitated squirrel as a present for the family.  My reaction was to run after her with a hose and practically choke her to death washing out her mouth.  I’ve come a long way since then.  A long long way.

Thank you for the present, Claire.  It’s lovely.  And diabolical.

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