Waw Waw Wawwww!

Hey!  I was told that if I took a week off somebody would maintain the blog for me. 

Funny thing about that is I’m fairly sure now that the conversation I’m recollecting was one I had with myself.  That’s what happens when you tell too many jokes in the third person.  What doesn’t happen is laughter.  I mean, what Billy’s fascination with jokes in the third person anyway?  That guy.  What a trip.

It’s been a busy week.  Also, good news was had.  I’m accepting a job offer with a defense contractor.  So, huzzah!  Still, in the interim, I’ve been busy with the book selling.  Just ask me why you should buy a Nook Color.  Go on.

Anyroad.  Posts resume tomorrow.  So, be on the lookout.

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