Sometimes, after a hearty meal, the only thing a dad can do right is to let the Princess of the Galaxy tapdance like a crazy person on his stomach. 

So, Claire dances now.  When she hears a beat that catches her right she grabs a table and does her best Lucy in the Grape Stomp episode reenactment.  Which is her version of dancing.  Tonight, she had to tap dance on my chest to the beat of Countdown’s opening theme song.  I suppose taste is more nurture than nature.

The downside is that ocassionally the Princess of the Galaxy will tap dance on your throat instead of your, in my case, well padded mid section.  I like to think of her style as Tap Kung Fu. 

“Your Kung Fu is weak old man.” “Bah.”  “You’re soft Belly Style is no match for my hard Tap Style.” “It worked for Jack Black as the Panda.” “Wait, what?” “Movie reference.” “Take that!” “Auuuuggghhhhh.” “Castle of…” “Well played, child.”

2 thoughts on “Dancin’

  1. Pssst. That should read, “Your,” unless I’m misinterpreting a movie quote in this instance.

    Also, that is adorable. Lauren likes to dance to the AshleyMadison.com tv commercial jingle. :\

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