Reflection Time

Well.  From time to time I feel compelled to share a bit of life outside of Claire here.  And, hey, that’s my prerogative.  But, the truth of it is that this has always been a project that I ultimately intend for Claire’s consumption.  And, life lessons.  Kid, I’ve got those in spades.

Some of you know I started a new job this week.  For those of you that don’t, hey, I started a new job this week.  I signed on as a security officer for a government contractor.  It’s better money than moving boxes for Barnes and Noble.  But, not quite burn the house down for fun and buy a new one kind of money.  Not quite at all.  That said, it’s a job that comes with more than a fair share of upward mobility.  The team I’m working with has a healthy cohort of folks in a position similar to mine.  And, you know.  It’s real nice to be with a group with such similar ends in mind. 

And, not just a professional job, but one with promise of genuine advancement, pay and responsibility, in a year.  While it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, it’s close enough that I’m more than satisfied with the choices it has created for me.  I’m fond of saying these days that you choose from the options you have, not the ones you’d like to have.  And the options these days are starting to resemble those that I’d like to have. 

So, you’ll understand that when I say it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, I mean to convey that this is alright.  New choices revitalize the passion that drives forward momentum.  And this place has that in spades.

That said, I’d like to note that my generally positive attitude through the long, long, long process has been consistent.  Regardless of the choices I’ve faced.  And, that’s an important distinction to which I’d like to draw attention.  I thought when I finished college, I’d be looking at the choices I’m looking at now.  Six years later, and a graduate program to boot, I’m finally looking at them.

In the fullness of time, all accounts will be settled.  That isn’t quite the cynical turn of phrase that most make it out to be.  Life is what happens in the fullness of time and you can only work with what you have.  Trials and tribulations; ups and downs.  It really does all balance out.  Although, I’ll readily admit that whilst experiencing a significant run of downs it sounds almost psychotic to pine continuously for the ups that must be coming. 

Point is, maybe those ups come.  And maybe they don’t.  But, you can’t let that destroy your general outlook on life.  It ain’t easy, bein’ so damned upbeat all the time.  But, now that ups appear to be coming my way I’m happy to look back and think about how I’ve done my best to enjoy every day and actually live it.  Life is what happens while you’re waiting.  And, I’ve a pretty good life.  It’s nice to look back and know I’ve worked to make this life that keeps me happy while waiting…working for professional satisfaction.

I appreciate, now, the notion that there are always higher professional goals to summit.  And, they’re a climb every time.  Your goals being persistently elusive is no excuse to walk around defeated.  So, come home at the end of the day to my wife and child?  That’s the life.  I may even put in a white picket fence.

“Did you see Lefors out there?” “No.” “Good, I thought we were in trouble for a minute.” 

I was rereading the post and this reference kept coming to mind.  Maybe a reference a bit grimmer than I mean to convey.  But, really.  How can you go wrong referencing an American film classic?

2 thoughts on “Reflection Time

  1. Go for it, Bill! Climb the ladder – but ask for Christmas Day off! Wishing you all the best in your new job.

  2. It would appear that I even have off Christmas Eve. Though, with company email on my iPhone and password protected websites being so prevalent in 2010, who can say what day is a day off?

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