As you can see, we’ve gotten some snow today.  I’m unimpressed.  It’s no Snowpocalypse II: The Snowening.  But, I have shoveled the driveway.  And that wasn’t all that fun.  Also, it’s still kind of snowing.

However, we do appear to have a tree down in the backyard.  It appears to have conveniently missed our side fence and our deck.  So, thank you tree, for not causing more fuss than necessary.  Nevermind that this could have been prevented had you not elected to lie down on the job after twenty or so years.

In other news, I’ve developed a new strategy for regular blog posting.  It will go into effect this weekend.  Perhaps it will allow to be more successful at doing everything and a blog post.  The experiment begins.

Just Loungin’

Claire was lucky enough to get a lounge chair shaped bean bag for Christmas.  As you can see, she’s well advanced when it comes to locating it in front of the cartoon machine with a handy supply of her beverage of choice: CUP. 

In truth, CUP can be many beverages.  But, this is really an irrelevant detail as far as Claire is concerned.  You see, bottles and high chairs are for babies.  CUP and lounge chairs that say Princess on them are for big girls. 

Parenting just got real.

Claire Versus Plastic Cup

Claire will frequently use her Pooh Bear as a crash pad should she stumble while walking.  It is a frequent enough event that doing so doesn’t really startle her.  Unfortunately, today she tried to get a little creative with her crash pad.  What if, she posed, one were to use a cup like a crash pad? 

She went face first to the ground and broke her fall rather gracefully with the lid of the cup.  Aside from copious amounts of blood in her mouth and a nice robin’s egg right in between her eyes, she was no worse for wear.  At least, emotionally speaking, about thirty seconds later. 

All I will note is that smiling babies with blood covered teeth are REALLY creepy.


Sometimes, a baby just doesn’t know what to make of a present.  She’ll just stare at, all confused, and then look at you like “And, just what is this?”  Or, “That doesn’t look like anything at all.”  Or, she’ll just squint at you and wander back to something more obviously interesting.  And, that’s alright. 

This particularly toy plays, amongst other sounds, a very loud rendition of Farmer and the Dell.  Later, Claire discovered that it is, in fact, hilarious to stop your feet and bang your belly like a drum to this song.  I have discovered that as a parent my brain will occassionally go into autopilot and mimic Claire.  She loves it.  This can cause problems in other areas of your life.  For example, at work the other day I was feeling sleepy and found myself walking into a room banging my belly like a drum.  Or, for another example, I am now prone to saying “Achoo!” instead of “Bless you” when someone sneezes. 

These behaviors are much less adorable when there is no baby around to appreciate them.  I assume most people believe I am either rude or a crazy person.  Possibly both.

The Ham

You know, I think these pictures really unfairly represent Claire.  I’m not sure that she had this good of a time.  But, I have to say that I really did enjoy the big goofy grin from her.  She doesn’t always walk around with that expression on her face.  It’s nice to know that if that is in fact what we want all we have to do is decorate the house in new, loud, colorful toys ALL FOR CLAIRE.  Speaking of: it’s hard to be the center of attention.  Really hard.

The Set Up

So.  There’s the set up.  As you can see, it was an ample Christmas for at least one of us.  The train set was my favorite.  Though, I think Claire ultimately preferred the Princess Bean Bag Throne and her own Baby (Doll) Stroller.  But, after all that set up amidst all the chaos of starting a new job and the busy busy life, this made it worth while.

Isn’t that wonderful?  Not the super adorable baby grin, mind.  Rather, Claire now has her very own remote control and no longer has to run us down for the real remote.  I (once again) have the power of (remote control) Castle Greyskull!  Victory is mine.