The Dass Family Christmas Tree

Take a few minutes and imagine every Christmas Vacation reference regarding christmas trees possible.  Please enjoy that so I don’t have to give in to my compulsion to write these posts entirely with lines stolen from that movie.  Thank you.

I defy you to tell me that this is not the most adorable picture you’ve ever seen.  Wait.  Let me show you another.

Claire’s mind was totally blown by having a real live tree in the house.  You could see the wheels turning trying to rationalize Outside being Inside as anything other than the coolest thing in the world.  The box of baby proof shatter proof ornaments we bought were a smashing success.  Pun so intended.

She carried the box of ornaments around like a suitcase for about twenty minutes.  It’s neat how toddlers can be so engrossed in something as small as walking around with a briefcase of ornaments.  Because, you know.  I did the same thing at Target and I did not find that adorable at all.

Although, whilst picking up the ornaments, I snagged a fishing gator in honor, of, well, obviousness.  And someone else’s Just Able To Speak Sentences Toddler went to their parents and tattled on me insisting I had stolen their Florida Gator totem.  I did nothing of the sort.  But, I did have an awkward conversation with a parent and child about taking the Gators very seriously.  It was weird.

Claire takes Shiny Balls just as seriously.  She spent most of the Christmas holidays walking up to various trees and exhorting any around to “LOOK!” at the ornaments at which she was vigorously pointing.  In these simple terms, the first Dass Family tree was quite the success.

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