Growing Up – Part Something Of Many

Somewhere in all this preparation for Claire’s first real Christmas, she decided she would drink from a straw.  Now, she’d been able to do this for some time.  But, one day, she simply said, “No, Dad.  Why, I believe I’ll have a cup with a straw, Thank You Very Much.”  And thus began her road to ruin.  Looking back, I can say it was really all our fault for having delicious smoothies lounging about in our own hands being enjoyed by our selvers.  Enablers, I’d say.  Yes, this was the first step in Claire’s road to addiction.

I mean, it all sounds wonderfully adorable.  That is, right up to the moments wherein a toddler charges you making gutteral sounds of territorial aggression.  Drinks with straws are now Claire’s.  And she will fight you.

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