Sometimes, a baby just doesn’t know what to make of a present.  She’ll just stare at, all confused, and then look at you like “And, just what is this?”  Or, “That doesn’t look like anything at all.”  Or, she’ll just squint at you and wander back to something more obviously interesting.  And, that’s alright. 

This particularly toy plays, amongst other sounds, a very loud rendition of Farmer and the Dell.  Later, Claire discovered that it is, in fact, hilarious to stop your feet and bang your belly like a drum to this song.  I have discovered that as a parent my brain will occassionally go into autopilot and mimic Claire.  She loves it.  This can cause problems in other areas of your life.  For example, at work the other day I was feeling sleepy and found myself walking into a room banging my belly like a drum.  Or, for another example, I am now prone to saying “Achoo!” instead of “Bless you” when someone sneezes. 

These behaviors are much less adorable when there is no baby around to appreciate them.  I assume most people believe I am either rude or a crazy person.  Possibly both.

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