Magic Carpet Ride

I think we’re going to have to get her to watch Aladdin or something.  Because, she’s seems to have already imagined the idea of a “Magic Carpet”.  Tragically, this particular carpet is neither magic nor, really, a carpet.  So, A for imagination.  That’s something.

Still.  Adorable.  Yeah.  Really adorable.

Bath Escape

Sometimes, right after a bath, Claire will make a break for the nearest toys accessible to her.  Sometimes she makes it quite far and winds up with an odd assortment of toys.  It’s almost like having cooperated, sort of, with a bath she feels as though she is entitled to play time.  With Everything.  Right Now. 

No time for clothes.  Got to play play play.  Pooh.  Snow Globe.  Dance.  Pooh Snow Globe Dance.  PoohSnowGlobeDance.

How To Sit In A Chair

Claire, smart for her age though she is (stair rail incident excepted) struggles a bit with the elegant simplicity of the modern age chair.  In order to sit down, Claire believes one must first climb into the chair and then pivot awkardly around in order to sit down.

I try really hard not to judge her this.  I mean, naturally when you’re like a foot and a half tall even a chair looks like a mount that requires summiting.  I think I might get her some climbing gear.  In fact, she’s quite the natural little climber.  As if the chair deal wasn’t heart stopping enough.  Seriously, she’ll try and climb up on to the window sill if you let her.  It’s impressive.  It’s impressively frightening.  That kid.




Claire figured out that she could fit through floor side of the stair railing.  Well.  By fit I mean get her body through and then completely freak out when her head wouldn’t quite fit.

Danielle, is Claire trying to squeeze through the rail?

Uh, yeah.  Yeah, she is.

I’m on it.

And, then.  Well.  She was through.  Pop.  Freak out.  And then she kinda came to terms with it.  Once we got her back through the other direction she thought it was hilarious.  The getting back through part was tough as her head had just taught her that babies don’t fit through rails.  Eventually, she just sidestepped back through.  Having discovered a new way to get hands on attention, of which she’s certain she doesn’t get enough, she spent the next few minutes laughing like a maniac at the hilarity of pretending to try again.

And so ends the story where Claire discovered how to put herself in prison.

Also, rest easy.  She doesn’t fit through the rails to the stairwell.

Colander Princess

Honest.  Really.  This required no prompting on our part.  Sometimes, babies do really adorable things like open a dishwasher, take out a colander, wear it as a hat, and then share it as a hat. 

Also, sometimes babies do really annoying things like open a dishwasher and unload clean dishes onto the muddy floor like a freaking ninja.

Babies are fully Ninjas of Destruction.  Incidentally, the name of my next band is going to be Baby Ninjas of Destruction.

Triumphal (But Really Quiet So No One Really Notices I Was Gone) Return.


I know it’s been some time.  I also see there was some speculation on what that last snow storm did to us.  You know, I think there may have even been another snow storm since that last post.

Side note.  We lost a tree!  Well, we didn’t lose it.  I mean, it’s still there and all.  But, one did fall over.  And, considering the size of the tree and the size of our backyard it happened in an absurdly non-destructive fashion.  It just sort of slowly topled over.  Like, it got tired and wanted a bit of a lie down.  So, it did.  Right in between our deck and our neighbors fence.  I’m pretty sure it still has enough roots in the ground that it isn’t even dead.  At least, it appears to be still coating the dog in sap.

Anyway.  So.  Yeah.  What was I talking about?  Right.  The last six weeks have been ridiculous.  I spent every other weekend doing contracting work for USIP.  Between a full time job, the USIP time and being a father and….sorry.  It’s hard out there for a responsible adult.

I know you folks miss your pictures.  And I get that.  I really do.  Rest assured that just because I haven’t been posting them doesn’t mean I havent been, at the least, lazily snapping away with my camera phone.

Now, I can’t promise that we’ll immediately be back on daily pictoral updates.  And, even if I did, would you believe me?  No.  Of course not.  So, here I resolutely stand, aiming for mediocrity.  Because at least mediocrity involves content.