Claire figured out that she could fit through floor side of the stair railing.  Well.  By fit I mean get her body through and then completely freak out when her head wouldn’t quite fit.

Danielle, is Claire trying to squeeze through the rail?

Uh, yeah.  Yeah, she is.

I’m on it.

And, then.  Well.  She was through.  Pop.  Freak out.  And then she kinda came to terms with it.  Once we got her back through the other direction she thought it was hilarious.  The getting back through part was tough as her head had just taught her that babies don’t fit through rails.  Eventually, she just sidestepped back through.  Having discovered a new way to get hands on attention, of which she’s certain she doesn’t get enough, she spent the next few minutes laughing like a maniac at the hilarity of pretending to try again.

And so ends the story where Claire discovered how to put herself in prison.

Also, rest easy.  She doesn’t fit through the rails to the stairwell.

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