Nothing To See Here

I’m not saying I’ve had a tough week.  Because, that would be complaining.  But I just don’t have the patience to upload some new pictures from my camera tonight.  Check back this weekend for some new pictures of the kid.

In the meantime, please enjoy a picture of a decent into the Tube.  Good evening.

Real Chair

So.  After Claire’s blues with the dog bowl chair, we decided to get her a nice green outdoor chair to have.  You know, we thought she’d enjoy it.  And wow.  Did she.  When she got home she picked up her chair and dragged it long ways around the culdesac.  Sort of like a triumphal march.  She showed it off to the neighborhood kids’ parents.  Then she took it to the park.  After traversing the play area she continued her triumphal march to a way out of the way neighbor’s deck.  When I picked her up to bring her back to the playground she carried the chair while I carried her.

All in, there really wasn’t a lot of sitting in the new chair.  Mostly carrying it around like the prized possession it now is.  We had a pretty good time.

Minor side note.  We also bought a wagon to tow her around in.  Never.  Never.  Never take out a wagon box when four five year olds are playing near by.  Danielle thought she’d assemble it in the driveway.  Instead, the five year olds took over and ran that project into the ground.  Quite literally.  Their parents* watched nearby safe and relaxed in the knowledge that their children** were currently destroying property not theirs.  Before having a child of my own, I’d be upset.  But, I get it now.  Your turn, sucker.

*Who are actually reasonably nice people.

**Who are totally insane, but also reasonably nice.


Get it?  It’s a movie reference.  Because she’s drinking.  Nevermind.

What I didn’t get a photo of earlier, which would have made a beautiful set with this picture, was Claire sitting in the floor with her legs splayed out nibbling on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  You know, when you’re a baby there’s just so much going on that you can’t make time for a formal meal.  You’ve just got to sit down and eat.  Or, drink.  Or, whatever.

She does have a weird fascination with the multiple uses of the dog’s bowls.  I wonder if she identifies with the dog?  Given the similarities in how they spend their time, Istas may just be like a super cool older sister or something.  I don’t know.  Is that weird?  Maybe that just makes me weird. 

Yeah.  Probably that one.

Goodbye Washing Machine

Friends, we’re gathered here today to mourn the loss of our washing machine.  We hardly knew it!

Our washing machine broke today.  Conveniently while washing a load of reusable diapers.  Conveniently while said diapers were in the soak portion of the wash.  So, that was awesome.  So was the part where we had to manually drain it.  In fact, it was so awesome, I barely even registered the purchase of a replacement.  I will feel that loss tomorrow when I try to buy lunch.

A big shout out to our current roommate Adam for participating in the removal of dirty diaper water.  That dude is alright.  Alright, I tell you.  Alright.

Pictures will resume tomorrow evening as normal.

Visual Identification And Face Recognition Software Upgrade

So, you’ve all seen that Claire really likes to get into my wallet.  This picture is a neat moment because she saw a picture of Istas in my wallet and pointed to Istas and then back to the picture and said “Dognee.”  IT IS ALIVE!

Cool, right?  I bet if you showed her a picture of me, she’d say “Dadnee.”  On the other hand, when Adam gets home from work she also calls him dadada.  But, I think that’s only because she’s conned him into reserving french fries for her.  So, I’m not too sure I really have the rhetorical high ground for that one.  But, the dog is a definite awareness. 

Baby knows her doggy when she sees her.  Even in pictures.  ADORABLE!


You can’t possible expect the Princess of the Galaxy to walk from the car to the door without her royal scepter and court jester, could you?

Funny story about the baton.  We were in Michael’s for some stuff for the house and while I was waiting in line Claire walked up to me and handed me the glitter filled baton.  I couldn’t possibly say no, could I?  She loves it.  She uses it to rattle the gate to the stairs just like they do in prison.  ADORABLE!

Big Girl

Who’s a big girl who eats at the table without a tray?  You are!  That’s who.  And a singing teapot.  Of course.  No table meal is complete without a singing teapot.

No.  I will not apologize.  This is that for which this blog exists.  Unapologetically.  And, as I say.  You don’t like it.  You love it.