Princess Bow On Her Head

Claire has recently taken to enjoying a bow on her head.  This is a remarkable change for a baby that used to immediately throw on the ground, in herky jerky movements, anything placed on her head.  In fact, we have some adorable snow hats that she just refused to wear.  Now that winter is ebbing, she, being the contrary baby that she is, has decided that head accessories are in.

In fairness to Claire, bows are only cool if she gives them to me and I put them on her.  Then she walks around and slowly works it until it pops off her head.  After that, she grabs it and stretches around her neck like a boa until I take it from her and put it back on her head.  It’s an hour of fun each time.  Seriously, I might do this like ten or fifteen times in an hour.

“A million dollars isn’t cool.  You know what’s cool?”



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