House Guest

For those of you who don’t know, we currently have a house guest.  Adam, a friend from high school, has finally been tricked into relocating to the D.C. Metropolitan area.  He’s bunking with us until he gets things sorted out.

I know.  I told him, living with a baby is exactly like Oz.  And it isn’t either of the Frank versions.  I’m talking prison here.  Enforced lights out.  Shouting.  Riots.  Finger painting.  Crafts.  Destruction.  The occassional stabbing.  I mean, I told him this *after* we agreed to let him stay.  So.  Like I said.  Trickery.  It’s in my nature.

In other news, I’m having a cold.  Or allergies.  Feels the same.  Also, I’m growing a goatee.  It doesn’t look like this:

But, it could.  In five or six months.  If I don’t trim it.  I think I’ve lost track of my inner monologue. 

Good night.

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