On Benches

Sometimes, we go to the mall at night to have a bit of a walk around when it’s too cold out or when it’s dark out and there are too many minutes before bed with not enough to do.  It’s actually quite fun.  Claire enjoys the novelty of it and gets quite a work out in the process.

On this trip, Claire was already a little worn out and kept wanting to find just the right place to sit and watch the world go by.  What little of it was present at closing time on a week night.  She tried a regular bench.  No good.  She tried just sitting on the floor.  No good.  And then she found one that was just right.

She discovered this all on her own.  No parents in the offing urging “Do something ADORABLE for the camera, NOW!”  Nope, quite the little problem solver. 

Also, my hairline is just fine.  It was only the angle.  See.  And my new haircut.  See yeah.  LOOK AWAY I’M HIDEOUS!

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