Neighborhood Boys

I have two thoughts about this.

First, look how regal Claire looks as she commands the neighborhood boys four times her age to pull her around in a wagon.  These kids, when they and Claire happen to be playing outside at the same time, can’t wait to do everything she says.  Seriously.  Claire even so much as looks at a toy that they’re playing with and they immediately give it to her. 

One day, she was outside playing with Danielle and they were riding around on bikes.  If they went to the culdesac, Claire would tromp after them dragging her lawn mower, so as to better command them.  But, by the time she got there, they’d be back at the other end of the street.  This happened two times before she got wise and turned back to meet them at their destination.  Then she did a lot of pointing and babbling, which they quite accurately translated as commands.  But, since they don’t speak gibberish, many offerings were made as a result.

My second thought is: You keep your hands off her you damned dirty apes.  Or I’ll get you.  Just you see.  You may pass.  For now.

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