On Golf

With the improving weather, many of my coworkers have caught the Golf Bug.  Me.  I’ve never been much of a golfer.  I don’t have anything against the game.  In fact, I’m a big supporter of anything that gets people out and about and passionate about it.  It being out and about.  For me, golf isn’t all that all appealing.  Mostly because I’ve pretty much always been crap at it.  Give me sweaty jujitsu mats or a soccer pitch any day.

But, I thought it might be fun to break out Claire’s putter set and let her play around with that.  Mostly she thought it was a lot of fun for me to whack the ball and for her to go it for me.  Finally!  Someone that retrieves a ball.  Perhaps she could teach this to Istas.  I mean, seriously.

Toss a ball that Istas brings you and she just sort of looks at you as if to say “But, we were having so much fun appreciate the awesomeness of Ball.  That’s the last time I share a toy with you.”

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