Goodbye Washing Machine

Friends, we’re gathered here today to mourn the loss of our washing machine.  We hardly knew it!

Our washing machine broke today.  Conveniently while washing a load of reusable diapers.  Conveniently while said diapers were in the soak portion of the wash.  So, that was awesome.  So was the part where we had to manually drain it.  In fact, it was so awesome, I barely even registered the purchase of a replacement.  I will feel that loss tomorrow when I try to buy lunch.

A big shout out to our current roommate Adam for participating in the removal of dirty diaper water.  That dude is alright.  Alright, I tell you.  Alright.

Pictures will resume tomorrow evening as normal.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Washing Machine

  1. I empathize completely. Our machine died recently and after 25 years it was very hard to see the old faithful Maytag go! They say new machines are lucky to last 7 years! Aaahhh the bane of planned obsolescence.

  2. It’s all the connectivity these days. Got to upgrade to the new netware. Washing machines that talk to dryers. That talk to dish washers. That talk to water heaters. That talk to showers. That talk to corporate HQ. Everyone laughs at me now for getting the old school model. But who will be laughing in 125 years* when the machines take over?

    *Most of my rants are are fundamentally supported by the belief in a sudden exponential increase in the rate of medical advancement not supportable even when measured against the advancements of the last one hundred years. But, hey, that’s delusion for you.

  3. Agreed – Adam always has been, and always will be, alright. 😉 Enjoy the new washer though. I’m not sure how I managed to live before my energy/water saving front loader.

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