Real Chair

So.  After Claire’s blues with the dog bowl chair, we decided to get her a nice green outdoor chair to have.  You know, we thought she’d enjoy it.  And wow.  Did she.  When she got home she picked up her chair and dragged it long ways around the culdesac.  Sort of like a triumphal march.  She showed it off to the neighborhood kids’ parents.  Then she took it to the park.  After traversing the play area she continued her triumphal march to a way out of the way neighbor’s deck.  When I picked her up to bring her back to the playground she carried the chair while I carried her.

All in, there really wasn’t a lot of sitting in the new chair.  Mostly carrying it around like the prized possession it now is.  We had a pretty good time.

Minor side note.  We also bought a wagon to tow her around in.  Never.  Never.  Never take out a wagon box when four five year olds are playing near by.  Danielle thought she’d assemble it in the driveway.  Instead, the five year olds took over and ran that project into the ground.  Quite literally.  Their parents* watched nearby safe and relaxed in the knowledge that their children** were currently destroying property not theirs.  Before having a child of my own, I’d be upset.  But, I get it now.  Your turn, sucker.

*Who are actually reasonably nice people.

**Who are totally insane, but also reasonably nice.

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