Theobromos, Immortal Cousin Of Morpheus

Sweet Theobromos indeed!  That is my child.  I know that face!  You’ve seen it, too.  The expression is of a dragon chaser merged with the cartoony indulgence of Homer Simpson and set on the face of a child.  Sweet sweet sugar.  Oh my! 

Where are my sunglasses?  It’s awfully bright in here.

What Ho, You Peeps!

I must admit, I love idea the idea of Peeps.  Everytime I see a box of the orderly little marshmallow ducks, I drool over the potential delight of sweet sugary goodness.  But, I confess I also find the realization of that delight to be somewhat lackluster in comparison to my, what surely then must be, delusions.

Suffice it to say, I’m not unsurprised at Claire’s seeming reaction to the Peeps.  Now, I know there are some among you that DO annually realize the sweet sugary goodness of Peeps.  So, you know.  It’s just one man’s opinion.  But, too I say, Genetics be a science for a reason.

Easter Sunglasses

So, as part of the giving of treats around and abouts Easter time, Claire received some sun glasses.  I’m impressed they stayed on her face as long as they did. 

For a long time, Claire refused to wear hats or sunglasses or anything on her head at all.  But, one day she came out with a lacey elastic band made uniquely for babies heads or women’s thighs and demanded I help her put it on.

Since then, she’ll occassionally come out of her room in a hat of some sorts.  It doesn’t last, but it’s adorable all the same.

Easter In Florida

As I mentioned, Claire and Danielle spent the better part of last week in Florida.  I being the lucky sod I am (and don’t think for one second that I don’t mean that)* stayed up here to work.  Pam was kind enough to play the role of family photographer while I couldn’t be around.  And, as you’ll see over the next few days, performed above and beyond. 

These are gloriously adorable photographs.  So, more to come!

*This is a reference to the joy of employment.  But, you’ll read it how you like.


Danielle and Claire are spending the week visiting with her family in Florida.  Now, I’m the lucky sod left to mind the home fire and attend work.  On the one hand, you know.  Florida.  On the other hand, well.  Quiet.

It isn’t the first time that Danielle and Claire have gone on a vacation without me.  Danielle’s school schedule is much more accomodating to short trips and the occasional spring break trip.  But, I’ll note that the first night they were gone and the house was all quiet, well.  I was a bit flumoxed.  What to do?  I’ve spent awhile acclimating to the idea that silence means trouble.  And all of sudden I was inundated with glorious, frightening silence.

I have noticed how dependent my night time schedule, and getting to bed on time, is on Claire and her bedtime.  That said, instead of fiddling with getting some new pictures up tonight, I’m just going to move on and practice not being schedule codependent on a toddler.  Ave atque vale.*

*Yeah.  I keep it old school.  Real old school.


A few days ago, Claire ran off to her room and came back in this get up.  I assume that Pooh had to be substituted for a faithful parrot largely because Pooh is, well Pooh.  Also, probably because there are no stuffed Iagos lying around her room. 

Side note.  Disney Animation must be a place where the most improbable is a daily occurence.  I mean, Gilbert Godfried and Robin Williams in an animated comedy for children?  Imagine being the one that suggested that.  And no one saying no.

“So, you guys have been working really hard lately and as a reward we’ve got you all tickets to see Gilbert Godfried and Robin Williams do live stand up!  Oh yeah.  Edgy but fun, right?”

“Oh.  My.  God. Liiiiiightbulb.  Ping!”

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking!”

Spider Hole – Baby Style

Claire has developed a penchant for hidey holes.  Occassionally she’ll hide herself under the bathroom sink.  As you can see here, she’s discovered that there’s a nice reflection area located between the recliner and television prison.  Once she finally knows some words, it will be ineteresting to here her thoughts on spending time there. 

Sometimes, it’s obviously a game of advanced-peek-a-boo-not-quite-hide-and-go-seek.  Other times, it’s a silent repose.  Guess which one we’re more generally thrilled by.  Depends on the day is the right answer.