Just Another Follower

This was a new one for me.  Frequently Claire will want me to chase her.  Or, to come and play with her.  Or, to just accompany her as she wanders.  But, here.  Here she was being a little demanding.  She grabbed my pant leg and pulled me around after her.

Honestly.  You’d think she didn’t have two ridiculously doting parents to follow her around and applaud her every action.  I mean.  Really.  You know she throws her spent diapers in the garbage bin herself?  Caravan Doody Diaper Duty.  All the way from her room.  Down the hall.  To the garbage bin in the kitchen.  And we applaud when she completes the act.

All that, and she still feels like she must demand that extra bit.  Babies (my baby) can be so adorably demanding.

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